Overview of the HACCP Portal

About the HACCP Portal

The HACCP Portal was designed specifically for you, the owner or operator of a food service establishment, who uses vacuum packaging, cook-chill, sous vide, or other reduced oxygen packaging in your daily operations. Our goal was simple – provide you with an easy way to create a thorough HACCP plan that saves both time and money.

In order to accomplish this goal we gathered an experienced team of people from the vacuum packaging industry, owners/operators of restaurants, supermarkets, cafeterias, and delis, chefs, attorneys, regulators, and software engineers, who reviewed and researched hundreds of HACCP plans and regulations from every state in developing the HACCP Portal.

As a result of this labor, you now have the means to efficiently and economically write a HACCP plan that is tailored specifically to your individual operations. More importantly, by purchasing the Portal you will have access to our “team” for assistance should that be necessary. In this way you can concentrate on what you do best, the business of food service.

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