Getting Started

We help you get all your ducks in a row by making sure you have all the data you need to create your HACCP plan.

Getting Started

Get it done faster by collecting your key data upfront.

The HACCP Portal will easily guide you through the entire process of creating your HACCP plan. Keep in mind you may proceed at your own pace -  take as much, or as little, time as necessary  to understand and complete each step. In order to make this process  even more trouble-free, we recommend that you gather and have available  the following reference information: 



  1. 1.  Names of each person who will create or assist in the creation of your HACCP plan.

  2. 2.  Business name and address of (each) location the HACCP plan is being created for.

  3. 3.  Make a list of all food items that your facility packages using Vacuum Packaging,
         Cook-Chill, Sous Vide, and/or Other.

  4. 4.  Group items with the same Ingredients and Use By Date.

  5. 5.  While not required, you may wish to familiarize yourself with specific HACCP terms
         and concepts by reviewing our HACCP FAQs.


Remember, if you have a question we are only a phone call (or email) away! 

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